All Alone...

I used to think the worst thing was to end up all alone.

It's not.

The worst thing is ending up with people who make you feel...


This is it...

A drive in the rain to get you just wet enough to love it.

Hot steaming coffee and bhajias to add flavor to the feeling.

Sitting by the window, listening to the rain go pat pat pat.

Watching the traffic sloshing about on the roads.

Realizing you don't have anyone to share this with.

This is it.



Was reminded of a discussion with a friend on love...

She: I just love this friend of mine, a lot, but I'm not "in love" with him.

Me: OK??? Wat's the difference?

She: When you love someone, there is a certain amount of compassion you have for that person, but when you are "in love" with someone, he/she is the centre of your own little universe.

Me: So where exactly do the people who you love but are not "in love" with, feature in this universe?

She: Its like this, the person you are "in love" with is at the center of your universe and the others are like in circles with varying degrees of compassion around that center. Like a slice of an onion.

Me: So the person I "love" the least, is on the outermost rim?

She: There you go. That's perfect!!!

Me: But then, is love not like a Boolean, you either love or you don't. How can you love less or more?

She: You will know when you are "in love" with someone...

Makes me wonder... just what would happen to a circle if you removed the center?? What if there was no point of reference? no way to measure the radius of love or compassion...

I could not find the answer in physics or on Wiki...

I implored myself to think beyond the center and there it was...

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This is how it was when I was ten: nothing but trouble outside my head, nothing but miracles inside it. - Saleem Sinai (Midnight's Children)

Echo... Except that I am 25 now...

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I perfer shock value to the fulfilment of meeting expectations...



Another Height...

The height of helplessness...

Someone being the first to comment on his/her own blog!!!



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The latest innovation in technology for keeping loved ones close... over long distances.

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